Marvellous Theory about Disney/Fox.

Something X-citing could be brewing.

It’s a long shot but certain factors, or X-Factors, are giving me reason to believe that Fox could be preparing to join with Marvel Disney, forging a similar relationship with them as Sony and sharing their properties as Sony and Marvel do. It is probably unlikely, but here’s my reasoning:

Fox pulled out of Comic Con

Reports state that Fox will not be bringing anything to Comic con this year, this suggests they have a lack of footage, coupled with the struggles Gambit is facing, this could mean they need more help than they are letting on.

Fox already want to partner with Disney for TV shows

Last year reports rolled in suggesting that Marvel had approached Marvel Disney to help them produce some Marvel Fox TV properties, aping Disney’s Netflix success, this could have helped start talk of an official partnership.

Fox’s X-Men series could be about to lose several bankable stars

With contracts running out for Fassbender, McAvoy, Lawrence and other main players in Fox’s universe and Jackmans’ apparent departure, the Fox universe is going to be in dire need of bankable and nameable stars. They’ll have a couple in Ryan Reynolds and Sophie Turner, but their star power will be limited compared to before if the others don’t sign back on, meaning they would benefit from crossovers with other popular franchises.

Marvel has moved the Inhumans movie off of the schedule

It was recently announced that Inhumans had been pulled from the official Phase 3 schedule. Inhumans are infamous for being Disney’s replacements for the X-men. Why get rid of the replacements? You have the originals.

Rumours and reports suggest that Marvel could be altering the title of Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2

This has been reported to be because the Russo brothers would prefer to not mislead the audience into thinking they’re getting another case of one movie being chopped into two for solely money reasons and is probably to avoid Justice League comparisons, but what if it is to somehow incorporate the X-men into one of the names?

It’s all these reasons that make me believe we could be about to bear witness to the long awaited marriage between the Marvel Fox and Marvel Disney cinematic universes, if so this coalition would surely help cement both companies a fat stack of money and help extend Feiges’ plans beyond 2028. Marvel might become near whole very soon and I sincerely hope so, but I am aware this theory is grasping at straws.

Watch this space and cross your fingers, true believers.


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