As you probably know, a reboot of the 2000 film Memento by Christopher Nolan is in the works and to me, it feels too soon, but then again I recently happily watched yet another reboot of Spiderman so…

I feel like I’d be okay with a Memento reboot if they got Nolan to direct and it was pretty much exactly the same as the first Memento but with a different cast and a few minor differences and then at the end or near the end the main character looks in a mirror and sees Guy Pearce. The main character realises that he’s the main character from the first Memento and he’s just forgot the events of the previous film and what most looks like hence the characters being played by different actors until the reveal, where he remembers.

It probably wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t make much sense. I just think it’d be pretty cool and the only way I can think of I’m going to enjoy the new Memento reboot, but I am ready to be proven wrong, just not optimistic.