Captain America: Civil War review

I really enjoyed Captain America: Civil War.


Much like Age of Ultron I enjoyed it more than its predecessor and I recognise it feels like a better managed film than its predecessor but something feels off and I don’t know what.

Something just didn’t sit quite right with me throughout the film and while I really enjoyed it and would probably agree in time that it’s currently the best film Marvel Disney have on their slate, I’m going to need time to process – and I want to stress, I thought the film was great and I really enjoyed everyone’s performances and still think the Russo’s are proving to be top notch directors; something just felt not as magical I guess.

Magical isn’t the word, but something felt amiss.

Even though every character felt well served and it wasn’t muddled like Batman V Superman was in my opinion, it felt almost sparse and not quite as world ending as I imagined it would be, but I guess that’s what Ragnorok is for.



I honestly felt like there was a lot of tension there and I was waiting for something terrible to happen and it, culminating in the partial parylisation of Rhodey, whom I am a fan of. However, as Tony made it possible for him to walk, admittedly, it will take time and therapy but it still felt like a cop out.

I sympathise with rhodey and am gutted that this has happened but it feels like it has already been given a quick fix. To be honest, I think like a lot of viewers I was expecting a main character to die in this film and while not disappointed I am slightly underwhelmed.

However, Antman becoming Giantman in the airport scene was fantastic and a sight to behold, much like the entire airport scene. It was well choreographed and the individual personalities really shone as well as the spurts of physical humour working to a tee.

Also, how weird is it that the two films about fighting superheros this year have final conflicts that hinge on the rich powerless guys mom being dead? That’s such an odd thing to me.



The movie was very good in my opinion and it was brilliant to see the tensions between the characters fleshed out and brought to the forefront. I feel a standalone Civil War trilogy could have been amazing and added a certain sense of gravitas and scope to the story. Especially if it was to be intertwined with the currently named Infinity War films. Oh well. It was still really good and I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Ps. Spiderman is amazing and the film is essentially a must see for Spidey alone.


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