Aloha Alola: Thoughts on Pokémon gen 7

There was a big announcement for Pokémon recently and I loved it.

New gameplay was shown for the upcoming entries to the beloved franchise, Sun and Moon, detailing a gorgeous new region called Alola which is fittingly inspired by Hawaii.

Also shown were this regions three new starters and version legendaries, while the legendaries are ad of yet unnamed both have really strong and interesting designs and I am especially partial to the seeming galaxy map ala Mass Effect in their heads.

The starters are as adorable as they come. Rowlett, litten and popplio are all great and interesting designs in my opinion and this could be my hardest choice regarding my first starter yet. I hope the evolutionary trees live up to the strong starts and my fingers are crossed that we get their megas in these games and don’t have to wait another six generations.

I also really hope these guys make an appearance in the eventual live action Pokémon film, something i have waited for for a long, long time. Maybe they’ll have their own cinematic universe, even if they’re bad.. I’ve gotta watch em all.

Ps. I don’t get the seeming hate for Popplio, I think the little guy is cute and I love the water balloon idea and seeming execution, maybe he’ll be to Pokémon what quicksilver was to X-men: Days of Future Past?


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