Video game movies have a long lived stigma of being bad, the runt of the litter when it comes to adaptions of existing IPS. Can Assassin’s Creed finally change that?

I certainly hope so and if it’s going to be anyone to bring this franchise to the big screen who better than the team behind last years Macbeth? (Which I loved.)

Fassbender is one of my favourite contemporary actors so I’d probably see it just for him, but that’s not what grabbed me in the trailer, nor was it the unusual choice in soundtrack, it was the new Animus.

I love how he is seemingly suspended, plugged in and essentially going through the motions in a giant hall, I think it adds a certain – okay he can actually do this – to the character of Callum Lynch and he’s not just some random schmuck who’s just passively living out his ancestors memories but actually engaging with them and owning it as he does.

Other than that mind, the trailer didn’t really scream watch me, the visuals looked good and the parkour will probably be a delight to watch and as I said, I’d probably watch anything with this particular (F)assassin.