Blast from the past: Level 2 of Atari’s live action antics

It has now been announced that Atari is working with Emmet/Furla/Oasis films to bring us not only a Missile Command film as previously worked on by Fox but also a live action film based on the bug bashing fun game Centipede.

I’m more hopeful than excited and when I say hopeful, I mean: ‘Damn this could be really good – but probably won’t be my cup of tea.’

Atari last partnered with Chris Columbus of Harry Potter fame and Adam Sandler of Ridiculous Six fame, for Pixels, which in my opinion had a very interesting and potential rife premise but as you probably know, in the wide held opinion, didn’t have the best execution.

However, trying to stay ever the optimist, a Centipede movie could be lots of fun, think a tongue in cheek homage to predator with giant colourful bugs and interesting environments.

If you could get someone like Shane Black to write and direct, who funnily enough is doing just that for the next predator, you could have one of the most sparkling scripts and biggest sleeper knockout hits of the decade. But as I said, my hopes aren’t exactly up; I’m just a wishful thinker, who likes the idea of a Centipede movie and Shane Black.


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