Harley Quinn Solo movie in the Works

Harley Quinn and Mistah J Birds of Prey?

It has been announced that a Harley Quinn solo movie is in the works at warner bros under a mystery scribe, starring and being produced by Margot Robbie.


The movie is also reported to contain ‘Batgirl’ and ‘The Birds of Prey’ a team if female vigilantes, typically containing: the previously mentioned Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary. This would make sense, as Jenna Malone has already been cast as Batgirl and…


Black Canary was just killed off, presumably like with Deadshot, because they wanted to use her in the films.


This is fantastic news in my opinion as Harley Quinn is an extremely interesting character and Margot Robbie has proved to be a tremendous actress since her breakout in The Wolf of Wall Street.

I imagine the film is in response to three things mainly:

1) Everyone’s love for Harley Quinn
2) Everyone’s love of Deadpool
3) Everyone’s desire for more female lead films, especially in the superhero genre.

Marvel are even talking about a Black Widow movie… Admittedly this isn’t the first time but one can hope it goes through this time and maybe this news from across the pond will give them .ore incentive.

Even though I was pretty impartial about Man of Steel and didn’t particularly like BvS I am still cautiously excited for suicide squad and love the idea of a Harley Quinn solo outing. Here’s hoping.

Ps. Hopefully Poison Ivy would be in the film, it would be pretty fun to see their dynamic on screen.


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