Trailer Talk: The Ghostbuster’s controversy

Just as a forewarning, this post is going to be more about the controversy surrounding the trailer than an actual review of the new trailer.

The new GhostBusters trailer just dropped and all I can say is damn. That is the most pointed trailer I have ever seen.

Every single line in that trailer was aimed directly at the haters with a hell of a lot of vinegar. Some of it I can agree with, some of it I can not.

There has been a metric crap ton of controversy surrounding the reboot and a lot of subsequent negativity surrounding it. It’s first trailer became the most disliked trailer on YouTube. That’s an insane punishment for mediocracy.

Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t think the first trailer was very good. To be honest I don’t think the second trailer was very good either, it was funny mainly because of its contextual anger.

I don’t particularly enjoy most of Melissa McCarthy’s filmography but I still respect her and the subgenre of comedy she seemingly represents.

Her better work is typically while working with Paul Feig, so I’m not writing the film off, it could be very good, Bridesmaids was funny and Spy was hysterical so Ghostbusters is not a doomed piece and I’ll see it it, I’m just not terribly optimistic.

I also partially understand people being annoyed over reboot culture, because it does feel unnecessary to reboot GhostBusters in my opinion, but reboots aren’t always bad.

However, hating on the fim because it stars a genderbent cast compared to the original is just plain sexist and I can understand the anger towards those who hate for bigoted reasons.

On the flip side however, if the film is straight up bad, will people be able to express their distaste without being labelled as sexists? I hope so because we can’t use the pursuit of equality as an excuse for big companies to reboot properties and pedal inherently poor quality projects.

Compare the Ghostbusters reboot to the announcement of the potential Harley Quinn movie or Black Widow movie in the works. People, including me, love the idea of them. This is because they haven’t been done before and promise a certain quality as both are beloved characters. However, a reboot of Ghostbusters or Oceans Eleven feels unnecessary and recasting roles as females seems like a way excusing them, people don’t tend to like reboots. People especially don’t like being told they’re opinion is sexist because of a gimmick the reboot is running with at an attempt to attract publicity and good word of mouth.

Unfortunately people do tend to generalise criticism under the sexism umbrella. Max Landis a respected screen writer expressed his opinion on Rey from Star Wars being a Mary Sue on Twitter and numerous users attacked him, calling him a sexist for having an opinion they didn’t share.

The same could happen with Ghostbusters, people could just try and villainise people who simply don’t share the same opinion as them.

In addition, the trailer seemed to antagonise everyone who didn’t like the footage, implying everyone who disliked it did it because of a ‘race’ or ‘sex’ reason, which is inherently wrong but at least calls out those who hate for no good reason.

Overall, I don’t think the trailers look particularly good but there are funny moments in there, I just hope the entire movie doesn’t revolve around calling the whole audience sexist and racist.


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