New Cast for Thor Ragnorok

Thor: Ragnorok just revealed some huge new cast members:

Care Blanchett as the enigmatic villain Hela

Karl Urban as Skurge the Executioner

Tessa Thompson as the awesome hero Valkyrie

Jeff Goldbloom as the crazed Grand Master

Holy crap that’s huge. Great actors portraying great characters, Ragnorok’s scope just expanded ten fold. I hope they add some Hulk centric characters too to round off the cast but its probably unlikely.

The performances I’m most looking forward to are Karl Urban as potential villain Skurge and Cate Blanchett as the big bad Hella. Tessa Thompson should make a badass Valkyrie and I imagine Jeff Goldbloom will be as awesome as ever as the Grandmaster.

Today’s a good day for Thor, shame it wasn’t yesterday, Thor’sday after all.


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