Ark: Day One – Floorboards are my friend

I’ve recently got really into playing Ark: Survival Evolved with my friends and as a new map has been launched; namely: ‘The Centre’. As I and many of my friends are new to the game we’ve been crowding around our one friend who has been playing for quite a long time.

This time, as many of us have been otherwise engaged, it now falls to me to try and grind some levels and carve us out a smidgen of a base to begin our journey proper.

The rest of the tribe will start to join me by the end of week, but until then I am a lone noon in a brand new map, wholly unprepared but excited as Hell.

Day One:

I spawn in, beached on a tropical island, it’s a beautiful vista and I must say I am still astounded by the sheer quantity of quality that has been squeezed into this game.

I began harvesting berries, punching trees and scavenging for rocks. This is the life of a survival game addict, forever starting again and trying to forge something that will last a bit longer or just run around aimlessly soaking in the adventure of the expedition and celebrating the nihilistic nature of it all.

I find a peaking cliff face, one of many on the initial islands of Center. I attempt a long and winding journey up this gargantuan and essentially sheerly vertical outcrop of rock.

That’s when I see it, the giant spider come tarantula that has a taste for weirdly proportionate neanderthals. It sees me too. It likes what it sees and in a blur and a flurry I am off, my escape is on and I only take one dosage of poison.

I finally reach the tippity top of this monster of a mountain to find spiked wooden walls detailing it’s crevice, denying me entry let alone sanctum.

I press on, for a long long time, I eventually find a cliff face between a rock and a hard place and decide to make camp. I manage to muster a few wooden floorboards from the materials I have garnished and having to exit for the night I hide myself between the wooden floorboards and the cliff face.

Hopefully these floorboards will keep me safe from the dangers of Center but I am prepared for the inevitable. Tomorrow, I begin construction of the first base but until then, for this lonesome night, the floorboards are my friend.


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