Ark: Day Two – Life’s a beach, then you respawn

It’s official. I died while my character was asleep. But at least it wasn’t a tribe that killed me, instead it was a wild raptor that squished my poor neanderthal brains, the first of many.

I respawn, beached once more, head in the sand of another tropical beach. I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll just a build a small thatch hut in a safe as you can get place, and then expand on it later with wooden and walls and the like.

Well at least that’s the plan.

While I venture out into the tropical oasis I am stalked by a second raptor. It catches up to me with its devilish grin, I haven’t crafted a spear so I try to escape. As I had yet to learn whether raptors can swim I vacate into the water.

They are really strong swimmers.

At least when compared to my poor Neanderthal. When he catches up I fight tooth and nail with my flimsy hatchet. As you can imagine the fight does not go well. Especially when a megaladon rears its head.

So I respawn on year another tropical island. The beauty of the game hasn’t worn off yet. However, there is a raptor on the island.

A vicious cycle erupts and I lose count of how many times these raptors munch on me. I manage to escape sometime later, I take the plunge and swim out to a forested island. It I’d perfect, it’s overgrown and full of Dino’s and plant life.

I spy a white supply drop on a neighbouring island. A million thoughts race through my mind. I calculate the risks and decide to swim out to the island after scouting for Megapirahnas.

I always sucked at maths.

Megapirahnas swarm me, they came out of no where. I edge closer the shore and I nearly arrive when a megaladon joins the fray. It was a slaughter.

When I respawn I scrounge around for berries and supplies, I begin culling the local dinos. I need the resources and xp. Unfortunately it’s late and I need to vacate so I find a fallen tree and log out. I’ll build the base tomorrow, probably post yet another raptor attack.

At least I’ve got enough xp and engrams to build a respectable fort when I’ve garnished enough resources. It’ll be fun. 🙂


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