Steve Rogers: Agent of Hydra

So, Steve Rogers, the too good to be true all American, sweeter than apple pie, hero is in fact too good to be true, it turns out he is a member of the cult-like organisation that splintered from the Nazis for being too hardcore.

Aka: Hydra.

Hydra’s latest – or rather longstanding – recruit has a lot to answer for.

Personally, I don’t buy it, I imagine it will turn out to be brain washing or some kind of double bluff where caps secretly been working undercover undercover. Incognito style. I genuinely can’t see this being more than a gimmick, however it’d be interesting if it played out for a while.

I just hope the story is worth it, because this changes a lot of continuity.

It doesn’t make sense for Hydra leaders like Red Skull to engage him in battle repeatedly over seventy five years. That’s just not good for business, even evil business. I get this particular asset was a long term investment, but the seed has grown into a tree, withered and died. Having Cap as an agent can just not be efficient. So in my mind, it has gotta be a ruse.

However, with elections in America coming up this does interestingly reflect the state of politics right now. Especially since Red Skull gave out a very Trump like hate speech. I would like to see this tie in to the upcoming Vite Loki series, maybe its a Trick by the Norse God to help him play the political field?

Hopefully the storyline doesn’t croak and I especially hope this isn’t just a shirt term gimmick, but at the same time. It would just be plain weird if Steve Rogers of all people supported Hydra.

Oh well, fingers crossed, the writers get it right, but maybe less right wing would go down better with fans.

Oh well, hopefully the writers can pull it off.


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