Ark: Day Three – Bleeding out in the rain

It happened, my first player caused death of the server. Some jolly tribesman had smited me while I was offline for the night. Oh well, I still needed to find a suitable place for the construction of my base.

And find I did, upon my respawn I stumbled across a bountiful vista with berries and trees a plenty. I assembled some displaced stones and pebbles and began chopping down everything that could be chopped down in the discernable area.

I decided to stick to thatch initially, so that I could get a quick, easy hut assembled and ready. I began building into a cliff face so that I would only have to construct two walls and the cliff would do the rest for me.

Part way through construction a local Dilo came to say hello, in the typical Dilo greeting of spitting some muck in my face. I managed to defeat the dilo after some flailing of my spear.

After harvesting the raw meat and hide I got back to berry, tree and stone collection. Night was falling and it was a beautiful night. The water was glistering in a gorgeous fashion – and I got stabbed in the back with a spear.

I lept forward and spun on my heels. I faced my attacker, saw that while he too had no armour, he was almost double my level. I circled round him and sprinting I made a hurried retreat to my little thatch hut.

I slammed the door in the assailants face and I cowered behind my walls. I got out my spear but sadly I did not have any flint so I couldn’t make a second.

The attacker began thundering on the door and it was raining now, looking back the pathetic fallacy was rather appropriate but in the moment I imagine it was lost on me.

Finally my door collapsed and I lunged at the man, it was like an unnatural hybrid of scenes from the Shining and the Purge. The brute had switched to a club and repeatedly bonked me on the head.

I was down for the count and the raider was rummaging through my persons. Alas, my first raid of the server and for only a handful of wood and stone too. I had sustained numerous brutal injuries, but they were not fatal, after a final crack across my head, presumably for luck, the attacker fled.

I had been mugged but not murdered so there was a silver lining as I had not yet built a bed. So, waiting for my period of unconsciousness to end,

I just lay there, bleeding out in the rain.


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