Trailer Talk: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

In my opinion, the newest trailer is a fantastic trailer, for a Netflix show.

Seriously, it Is a good trailer with a lot of interesting graphic matches to modelling agencies, hate rallies and hacktivism as well as other realities and controversies.

It just strikes me as a very good trailer for a TV show.

The trailer is a mix of live action and splices from cut scenes, presumably from the game and it looks really good. Some of the cg and performances aren’t 100% polished but it looks good.

I am excited for this new Deus Ex game and I feel it links really well to real life and reflects modern day struggles and interests. Much like, the most recent Captain America storyline and Purge film, this game is seemingly taking advantage of modern crises and that has capitalised on the interest factor in my books.

It’s all these reasons and more that makes me think with the right creative team, this IP could make a great show, maybe like a cyberpunk The Wire and with Netflix making crazier and crazier leaps now would be the perfect time. They could even take inspiration from the recent: Quantum break that incorporated a show into their game, the series already boasts fairly lengthy cut cut scenes.

So, while I’m staying withdrawn until more gameplay emerges, this trailer has got me very excited for the story possibilities of this IP, even if it doesn’t stay as a game.


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