Ark: Day Five – Hiding from the hide.

I definitely prefer Parasaurs to Raptors, after waking up on this beautiful morning I decided to go hunt for more hide, as I needed to craft some reasonable defences in the form of wooden walls and I needed a bed, evidenced by my later encounter with a Raptor and his chums.

I managed to find three Parasaurs in the more dense section of the forested area, north of my base, fantastic I thought, unfortunately, a Raptor and two Dilos also saw these Parasaurs.
They saw me too.

The Raptor was actually at a decent level for a scuffle so I considered testing my metal against them, so that I could potentially get even more hide. After my spear broke one hit into the battle, I decided a calculated retreat was in order and I fled.

However the dinosaurs were hot on my tail and one of the Dilos managed to land a devastating hit of Dilo slobber on me, rendering me temporarily blind. Unfortunately I had also over exerted myself somewhat, my escape slowed due to exhaustion and the dinosaurs caught up.

It wasn’t pretty but I managed to reach my base and lock myself between the dummy door and the actual. Sadly, that’s where I died.

Happily though in this game death is not the end and one respawn later I scurried back to my hut and reclaimed my possessions. I narrowly managed to outpace the dinosaurs who were wondering off at the time and quickly pursued more once more upon my arrival.

It was time to hold down the fort.
The fight was over quickly as I employed the chicken’s technique of opening the door when in wanted to attack and closing it whenever they seemed willing.

Post battle I looted them of all their hide and managed to build, not one but two simple beds. I decided better safe than sorry, plus I would be entertaining guests very soon…


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