Ark: Day Four – Wooden home, happy home

After the debacle the night before with the raid that was essentially a home invasion for berries, I decided I needed to buck up and fortify my hut. I stormed the nearby wooded edge to the coast, knocking down as many trees and pilfering as much wood as I could possibly carry.

I would systematically gather, craft some wooded items to try and reduce the weight and trudge back to my base camp to either erect parts of my settlement or store left over materials.
This system was working fantastically and after not too long I had created a primarily wooden hut and begun crafting spiked wooden walls, however I needed a lot more hide to get this particular job done, so I cautiously trailed down my little oasis’ coast to look for any dinosaurs I could retrieve some hide off.

Alas, I only found two giant Spino’s, frolicking in the lake, either playing with or killing fish; my guess is the latter. However, the Spino’s gave me an idea. I backtracked along the stream to a safe, Spino free, spot and began luring Mega Piranhas towards me before quickly exiting the water and harvesting them.
Unfortunately, Mega Piranha’s do not provide hide, but they did gift me with a lot of food and Xp, so much so I managed to go up two whole levels in one fishing trip. This was great news and, viewing this excursion as a success I decided to retire back to my hut.

Things were looking up.


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