Pokemon: Sun and Moon News – Pokedexes are Pokemon too.

‘Hey we heard you like Pokémon so we put Pokémon in your pokédexes… and now we put Pokédexes in your Pokémon.’ – That’s how imagine the next trailer for Sun and Moon will go, as they now have the addition of a special Rotom that can possess your Pokédex and give you advice.

To be honest, this sounds rather delightful, with the Rotom acting as an updated version of the ‘Trainer Tips’ signs I imagine. But, it raises some questions; will this Rotom be like your partner Pokémon in the Pokémon Ranger series? – And will this Rotom be able to battle?

Furthermore, we have learned the names, typing, abilities and special moves of the version legendaries. Solgaleo, the one who looks like Arcanines’ big bad uncle come Sensei, is the ‘Sunne Pokémon’, he is a Psychic/Steel type, which I was not expecting – I was under the assumption Solgaleo would possess Psychic/Fire typing, but maybe that’s being saved for some kind of twist on the Mega/Primal state. Solgaleo has the ability Full Metal Body, as opposed to a Full Metal Jacket, which stops stats from ever being lowered, which is very cool and can use the new move Sunsteel Strike, which seemingly harnesses the power of the Sun, steel and sibilance for a devastating blow.

Lunala, the one that looks like Cresselia’s younger brother who is going through a phase, is the ‘Moone Pokémon’ and boasts the expected and rather exciting Psychic/Ghost typing. Lunala also has the ability Shadow Shield which nerfs damage dealt by opposing Pokémon with full HP, which is creative but seems like it could become rather unnecessary unless Lunala had some kind of one hit K.O attack, which they might just do, in the form of: Moongeist beam, presumably harnessing the powers of the dark side of the Moon, both this move and SunSteel Stike ignore the opponents abilities, which is very helpful indeed. These pair represent Pokémon Sun and Moon respectively.

Finally, we got a look at the new region of Alola, which looks astounding, cultured and very creative. A Hoenn 2.0 of sorts as it seems to have a fixation of water and tropics in its theme, which I personally love. We can see presumably most towns and areas on the map, all of which look rather intriguing and a lot of which pay homage to real Hawaiian places, such as the space centre or stacked pools. We alos get a close look at the shirtless professor who exclaims that there are many rare Pokémon in Alola, just what I wanted to hear.

This news is all very exciting and intriguing and leaves me wanting more, I cannot wait for the release of Sun and Moon later this year; it’s just a question of which to get… first.


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