Brie Larson in talks to play Captain Marvel

If rumours are to be believed, Brie Larson, from the oscar winning Room, no not the one the memes are from, is in talks to play Captain Marvel, from Marvel not DC.

Nothing is as of yet confirmed but Chris Evans, Marvels’ other captain has voiced his happiness about the rumour, as he had previously worked with her on Edgar Wrights’ Scott Pilgrim vs The World and is extremely fond of her and her work.

Seeing as the latest hero to join the MCU was played by Tom Holland, a good friend of Chris Hemsworth and Jon Bernthal, Thor and Punisher respectively. Bernthal even had help from Holland in his audition tape. I’m not suggesting being friends with other cast members means you are guaranteed the role, but trusted employees recommending other actors with enthusiasm definitely doesn’t hurt.

Larson is also a rather excellent actress who had be a great addition to Marvels fold. Although not my initial pick for Carol Danvers, there is a rather uncanny similarity and she is a talent so I sincerely hope she gets the part. 

Fingers crossed.


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