I recently had the privilege of attending a dance show named: ‘Decadance’ it was a youth show with anyone from 3 – 18 as far as I could tell and there was a plethora of genres on display, all performed wonderfully.

There was several instances of ballet and hiphop and even a boy bodypopping and breakdancing. However, what took the cake for me was one of the closing acts, a jazz piece performed by an extremely graceful performer to a beautiful rendition of ‘All that Jazz’. The girl is marvellous, talented and clearly hard working.

The girl is going places.

She easily made the dance look effortless and managed to pull it off while manifesting a confident, yet cool demeanor. The dance itself was expertly choreographed but I dare say would not have been half as good being utilised by a different performer. The girl is damn good and for me, was the icing and the cherry on the cake for a wonderful show.