Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 News and Theories

With even more casting news and rumours announced and bubbling around regarding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, many questions have been answered, but many more have been raised.

For example, we now know which character is the main antagonist, Ayesha, Aka: Her and Elizabeth Debicki from the great Gatsby is assumed to be playing her. Her is, like Adam Warlock who was long assumed to be in the film, is a genetically manufactured human being who is designed to be ‘perfect’ she also has a changing grab bag of powers. In the comics she has been frequently shown to want Adam Warlocks’ genes to try and create her own ‘perfect’ population.

My theory is that she assumes Adam Warlock is Quill’s father and wants to harvest his genes or use him to track down Warlock. I love James Gunn’s writing and filmography and expecting some twists on the expected narrative, so here’s my extended theory:

Kurt Russell, who is assumed to play Stalords’ father could be playing Ego the Living Planet, because it would be a surprise to the audience and because his look from the Hateful Eight bears a mild resemblance. Furthermore, Sylvester Stallone will play Adam Warlock, as this ‘perfect’ human would have been engineered prior to the Eighties as Starlords birthday is listed as 1980. The Rocky series launched in the seventies and combined with Stallones’ Death Race film, he was thrust into the spotlight and became extremely popular.

The beings behind Warlock’s creation could have designed him to be the ‘perfect’ man, an eighites action star, or if Warlock aged efficiently, he could have simply styled himself after Stallone due to his desire to be the ‘perfect’ human.

Moreover, as an added twist, I would like Wonderman to be Quill’s father as it would be a kick in the teeth twist for Her and if he is portrayed as a deadbeat, squandering his powers then it would be interesting for Quill to see and come to terms with, creating interesting character development. However I wouldnt be surprised if Wonderman is only a wuick cameo, but seeing as Nathan Fillion’s, who is playing Wonderman, wonderful show: Castle, was just cancelled; his schedule is wide open.

In the end this is just my speculation, but I do have faith in Gunn and the cast and crew. So I look forward to whatever they have in store, even if it’s not what I have in mind, I imagine it will be an awesome mix of a variety of elements from the comic lore and some fresh ideas from Gunn and co.


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