Jason Fuchs, writer of Pan and the upcoming Wonder woman is helming the as of yet undated Lobo movie for the DCEU.

Lobo is an interesting character, a satire character of sorts, mirroring aspects of several Marvel characters such as Deadpool and Ghostrider. Because of this, his film will probably me one of DCs more humorous entries, joining Suicide Squad, the Harley Quinn film and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle film.

A question on the mind of many Lobo fans is whether the character would take more influence from the more classic interpretation or the New 52 version of the character, who appears younger and thinner than his original design.

Because of this, Lobo coukd resemble the majority of other DC characters being incorporated into the DCEU. Because of this, I believe having Lobo more similar to his original design, which is bulkier and sporting more of a ‘rocker’ look.

This is essentially because it would create a more diverse universe and make potential crossover scenes more visually interesting.

Now, Fuchs may agree. He recently posted a picture of the man himself, Lobo, to his Instagram, probably in an effort to assure concerned fans that he is still in fact on the project and its the classic interpretation of Lobo.

While it does not confirm anything it does suggest that the aesthetic of the character and the film as well as it’s themes will probably follow the older material and more classic portrayal than the new 52 stuff.

Which in my mind is a positive.