New Suicide Squad stills released

Yet even more stills have been released from David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad, the first picture featured the Joker, in the focal point, wearing an open white shirt and gun holster. As the shirt is open several tattoos are partially visible, including one on his right arm, which looks suspiciously like Leto’s 30 second to Mars tattoo. Maybe it’ll just be slightly altered as an Easter egg or maybe the joker is just a big fan o the band.

Sidenote: holding the cane like that looks a bit odd as he is sitting down, but that coukd just be me.

This is presumably the joker striking out some kind of deal with an off screen character, the room also resembles the one Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is seen dancing in in a previous trailer, so we can make the assumption that it is a flashback and maybe it leads to the scene where they are pursued by batman.

Speaking of Harley Quinn, the second picture features her assaulting what looks like a guard in her previously seen rather roomy prison cell. The guard has the letters ‘ERT’ printed on their back. What this means is unclear but probably makes reference to the prison name or some kind of Argue initiative.

It is weird that this is another female comic character fighting like an acrobat, jumping on the shoulders of someone to serve the beat down. In fairness, Harley Quinn is a gymnast in the continuity of the comics, unless Rebirth changes that, but it is odd that female action heroes and comic book stars tend to gravitate towards acrobatics instead of more grounded martial arts.

We can assume that this is some kind attempted breakout or the scene when Argus try and move the squad alluded to in previous trailers.

In the next image we see Enchantress, portrayed by Cara Delevigne dressed up to the nigns in her extremely Gothic costume, looking exceptionally eerie.

The shot is a low angle, implying she had power over the scene. Enchantress is an inherently powerful character and in this outing essentially DC’s answer to Marvel’s Scarlet Witch. As both are displayed as unstable, mystical powerhouses.

Maybe in this scene Enchantress gives in to the Witch possessing her (if they stick to the comic lore) and unleashes some kind of unearthly power.

The final two images are of Deadshot, played by Will smith and Rick Flagg, played by Joel Kinnaman squaring up and making angry eyes at eachother. As both characters have led the squad at different points in the comic’s canon, it is assumably alluding to a butting of heads over a power struggle.

So the images reveal and hint at very interesting things for the picture. I am looking forward to the film as I like the look of it, the cast and the director. The main thing keeping me reserved is the current, recently named: DCEU’s track record as I haven’t been a massive fan. But Ayer is an extremely talented director and the film should be very entertaining at least. Luckily, we should be in store for more than just at least.


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