Thor: Ragnorok News and Theories

Along with the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 news we also obtained some new information and plot details regarding the Norse God’s third not so solo outing. It has been revealed that Thor will team up with Bruce Banner/ the Hulk to try and obtain the ‘ultimate weapon’ to try and stop Ragnorok. Could the ultimate weapon be the Infinity Gauntlet? Maybe they try and assemble the gauntlet, inadvertently helping Thanos?

Furthermore, we have learned that Jeff Goldblooms’ Grandmaster will be forcing Hulk  to fight in a twist on the Planet Hulk storyline. Presumably, Thor will set out to save the Hulk or maybe he accidentally stumbles upon him and gives him a hand.

I have always wondered if the Quinnjets are even space worthy, if not the Grandmaster must have kidnapped Hulk from Earth, suggesting in this incarnation he will have the ability to cross through different realms, as Thor will be travelling across the realms in the story.

In addition, Tessa Thompsons’ Valkyrie is getting a makeover, wearing warpaint and sporting a more brutal look compared to the romanticized typical Asgardian wear. I hope they incorporate the fairy come hologram wings that Valkyrie appeared with in the Dark World concept art, obviously with a few alterations to fit with the characters ne look.

However, it is not only Valkyrie with an altered appearance, Hulk will sport his one armed and shoulder armour from the Planet Hulk storyline and Thor will sport a partially shaved head for atleast part of the film. While Hulk’s update is traditional, Thor’s is less frequently shown in the comics. I theorize that as long hair is a symbol of power in Norse mythology and culture that he may have his head shaved as some kind of way of showing his weakness, or as many ‘viking’ hairstyles in popular culture feature shaved sections then maybe Thor is just getting with the trends?

Who knows, nevertheless I am very much looking forward to Ragnorok and am more than interested in seeing how worthy Thor’s new do is of all this fuss.


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