Trailer Talk: Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is an upcoming action adventure game produced by Deep Silver and designed by Voilition. Both companies been famous for fun games with occasional emotional or dark elements, such as the Saints Row series and Dead Island.

The first trailer has been launched, now shortly before E3, it is purely cinematic, so no real assumptions about graphics or gameplay can be made, however it does look like the developers are moving more towards the general style of Gearbox rather than the previous Rockstar like theme.

The game seems to be set in some far future or alternate universe where seeming cyborg wizards and stylised, extremely individual ‘Agents of Mayhem’ duke it out for the sake of the planet. The Agents appear to be funded and some sinister folk over at Ultor, a fictional, often villainous organisation that is a recurring element throughout Voilitions titles, such as Saints Row and Red Faction.

This nod to in game canon seems like a subtle hint that this is a spiritual successor to the Saints Row franchise, not only in wacky tone the series adopted in later instalments but it could also be of the same universe.

Subtlety is soon thrown out the window as we cut to a woman who is implied to be the leader of the Agents of Mayhem and we see an updated Saints logo behind her. She repeats back to herself: ‘..A street gang, hah.’ This visual cue and nostalgic remark hints that the origins of the agents evolve out of the Saints street gang.

Maybe this game will take place in Zinyaks’ simulation that the Saints took over or a newly populated planet that the saints won for humanity. All we know is that this world contains ‘Sky pirate(s)’ and some other delightfully zany character types.

Specifically we know of a ‘Sky pirate’ who’s name is Marina Santos – ‘Marin’ as in ‘Marine’, water lexical set and ‘Sant’ as in ‘Saint, very punny – but goes by her codename: ‘Fortune’, such a name she probably achieved due to all the Sky pirate booty she probably plundered. Her speciality is security technology and seeing as she is using laser based handguns, I imagine it is safe to assume skypirates, or atleast this one are quite tech savvy.

This tech affiliation is accentuated by the appearance of Fortune’s personal drone: ‘Glory’ – a sufficiently pirate like name for a drone – who’s speciality is ‘combat drone’, presumably as it is a combat drone.

In addition to Fortune, we also meet two other heroes, another sea themed one called: Ishamael Funderburke, Aka: ‘Hardtack’, interestingly ‘Burke’ is the last name of a Saints Row character who bears several striking similarities to the third hero. But the second one, Hardtack has the training of US Naval command, also, his ability is: ‘Badass sailor’ – something he confirms with a mighty below of: ‘Ahoy motherf*ckers’ as he enters the screen.

Our final hero is: Rod Stone, a reality star come bounty hunter who bears striking similarities to Josh Burke and Johnny Gat from Saints Row. His codename is: ‘Hollywood’, there’s a phone always stuck to his hand and he lets his stunt double take most of the flak from the bad guy on display. Probably not the best agent.

But speaking of bad guy, we are introduced to a villain and what we can assume is a grunt enemy type. Namely; ‘Osman Timur’ who goes by the name: ‘Doctor Babylon’, his doctorate is presumably in Dark matter research as that is his speciality and nefarious deeds, as he looks pretty clean cut evil. He is also, interestingly associated with the ‘Ministry of Pride’ which sound like an evil organisation to be honest. Furthermore he appears vampiric in style, maybe his pale skin and gaunt posture is due to what appears to be several cybernetic augmentations – one of which in the form of an eyepatch, but Hardtack’s more traditional eyepatch is a tad cooler looking – Doctor Babylon also has a staff which appears magical and capable of harnessing energy.

The plot seems to revolve around a science fair, specifically a scientist whos made clean energy, but Doctor Babylon and the Ministry of Pride want it all for their selves. That’s where the sain- Agents of Mayhem come in, the premise sounds interesting enough and the possibility of it being connected to Saints Row and Red faction is fun, however I’ll with hold judgement until we see some gameplay.


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