Trailer Talk: Injustice 2 News and Theories

It is official, after an unfortunate yet tantalising leak yesterday, which Ed Boon reacted extremely well too, Injustice 2: Every Battle Defines You has been confirmed.

I am excited.

In my mind the first Injustice game was great, I really enjoyed the campaign, the story was great and the combat felt really well done. Plus the extra satisfaction you could get from accessing different parts of the Mao and interacting with the environment added extra layers and put it a cut above other fighting games.

The trailer is entirely cinematic, clouded in darkness like anything DC these days, we witness Superman, Flash, Batman, Supergirl and Aquaman engaging in fisticuffs and we see them armour up as they go.

That’s right, RPG elements have been confirmed. We can look forward to a customisation system more like Fallout Fours Armour system rather than just basic skins, although, thankfully I imagine skins will return to in some form.


The released description states that while Batman and co. are trying to clean up after evil Superman’s misdoings and evil empire and trying to quell people who want the regime to return, a new and dangerous threat emerges.

This could be Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns or maybe even Brainiac or Darkseid.


Speaking of Atrocitus, him, Gorilla Grodd and Supergirl have been confirmed new additions, as well as Aquaman, Superman and Batman being confirmed returners. We can also expect the return of the Flash as he was present in the trailer.

The description also promises the biggest fighting game roster ever, which gives me goosebumps quite frankly, hopefully we will be able to revel in the ability to play as many, many different characters, good and bad from DC.

Maybe even a JK Simmons Jim Gordon because he has put on an extraordinary amount of muscle for the role in the upcoming Justice League film.

Whatever’s in store, I am thoroughly excited and can’t wait for more news.


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