Trailer Talk: Watch Dogs 2

The E3 stream and subsequent trailer releases with developer talk taught us a lot about Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs 2 the sequel to Watch Dogs, the competitor to Sleeping Dogs, the spiritual successor to True Crime New York City.

Finally an official sequel.

All the previous titles have been good fun and Watch Dogs 2 looks to capitalise on that factor. The team seems to have took genuine advice from Watch Dogs criticism as they emphasise that the parkour will flow better this time and the hacking will receive a  plethora of upgrades.

Moreover, new protagonist: Marcus, has an emphasis on his own flair and ‘quirks’. This is obviously in response to complaints that the previous entry’s protagonist: Aiden Pierce felt rather bland and it is a welcome change.

Marcus is seen utilising a drone in the game, showcasing that he will in fact have access to high tech toys to play with. But Marcus is also staying a bit more rough and tumble, as his main melee weapon will be a billiard ball with Para chord threaded through it. An extremely interesting and visually unique choice of weapon, which the developers chose to reflect his makeshift, ‘learn it from the internet’ approach. We also see Marcus obtain a 3D printed gun, which adds an extremely welcome amount of diversity to fire arms as well as the melee weapons.

Marcus is going to need all the weapons he can, as he and a returning, updated DedSec will be squaring off against Ctos2 which has been uploaded into San Francisco and Silicon Valley. On top of this Marcus will be up against corrupt companies and vicious street gangs, hopefully, that 3D printer packs quite the punch…




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