Fallout Four: Wave Two DLC at E3

We now have confirmation that the fabled second set of three DLC’s for Bethesda’s Fallout Four so in fact exist, and one will be with us by Tuesday.

The first of the three is simply labelled ‘Contraptions’ and has a logo that seems to be a more industrial variant of the Wasteland Workshop DLC logo. Bethesda confirmed that the DLC will allow players to construct Rube Goldberg machines in their settlements, employing the use of conveyor belts, logic gates and more. It is also reported that the DLC will include the ‘Greenhouse’ and ‘Warehouse’ building prefabs, I for one sincerely hope so. This particular chunk of DLC is the only one with a confirmed release date, the 14th of June, this Tuesday, Bethesda sure do love last minute announcements.

‘Vault-Tec Workshop’ is the second DLC, the logo of which shows a Vault themed variant of the Wasteland Workshop logo. In the game, Vault-Tec is the infamous and notoriously sinister corporation that spearheaded Project Safehouse and created the Vaults which helped people survive the Great War but also doubled as Psychological and Social experiments. The DLC will allow players to construct their own underground Vaults in the same style and vain as Vault-Tec, even allowing layers to perform experiments on its inhabitants – this DLC seems to  have been inspired by Bethesda’s mobile game: Fallout Shelter. I am looking forward to the opportunity to create my own Vault, but we have not yet been given a reason why the player character will, but I’m sure they have something up their sleeve. This DLC is scheduled for sometime in July.

Now, the last DLC in the Second Wave and potentially the last Fallout Four DLC period is: Nuka World, players will explore a dilapidated  theme park, based upon the in game fizzy drink Nuka Cola -an allegory for Disneyworld, Dismaworld and Cokeworld – and the small town that lies inside. I imagine, as they never specified that Nuka World will be slightly smaller than Far Harbour, Bethesda’s biggest DLC to date, but as the setting looks and sounds extremely interesting and visceral I hope it is closer to the size of Far Harbour than it is to Atomatron. As all of the previous DLC’s have been one month apart, we can assume that our vacation to Nuka World will be sometime in August.

Finally, while not a DLC, Bethesda have announced that they are working on implementing VR technology into an update for Fallout, meaning we may soon be able to be completely immersed in Fallout’s Commonwealth, lets just hope the experience lasts longer than the Great War.

Overall, I am extremely excited for all of the announced DLC’s and the VR implementations, I just hope this isn’t the last we hear of Fallout Four.


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