Quality Time?


So what is Quality Time apart from being a phrase that gets banded about?  It implies, perhaps, time well spent.  Time well spent can mean different things to different people.  Very different things.  Today I spent time eating my lunch.  For once I didn’t work whilst eating nor answer the phone.  Just sat and ate my lunch for 10 minutes.  Relaxed.  Has to be time well spent.  (Yet there are those who would see it as time wasted).

But a mum chasing her two year old round a small patch of grass for 10 minutes may  say that she’s spent quality time with her child.  Who could argue – no worlds were visibly rocked, at two the child is too young to recognise anything other than it made him/her giggle.  And yet somewhere deep inside in a place the child doesn’t know exists yet, he/she knows they’re loved because mum made time.

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