Trailer Talk: Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3

I am a huge fan of the apocalyptic and dystopian genres, I’m not really sure why, a psychologist or a fancy online survey could probably tell you why, but right now let’s just focus on the awesomeness of one of the pop culture pinnacles of these genres: The Walking Dead and the reveal of the latest addition to its magnificent video game series by Telltale.

I do not plan on spoiling any plot points for the first wo seasons of The Walking Dead video games, The Walking Dead comics or the show but some discussion points will require reference to events in some of the above.


The trailer opens with an establishing shot of a blocked off side street that has now been opened, a sign points in a different direction and reads one way, but Clementine and Javier later walk down the side street. This imagery could be in reference to Telltale’s ambitious flair with game design that aims to allow players to make many different choices which snowball and butterfly, allowing more to unfold.

We are then treated to some extreme close ups of the disgusting, yet extremely detailed and well designed walker. This particular zombie is skinny, rotten and dishevelled, bits hanging off in all the wrong places. It is no doubt Telltale showing off their upgraded engine and the level of detail they can now provide. The walker has a mark on the back of its shoulder, we can assume it is a brand or tattoo. The mark closely resembles a rotated number ten in a circle, but it is unclear what the logo actually is and what it means.

Presumably a group similar to the Wolves from the later seasons of the show are branding people and walkers for some nefarious or, as it is Telltale, morally grey reasoning. This walker jolts down to snack on the victim of a recent car crash before being expertly put down by the returning fan favourite, Clementine. She appears older now, in her early teens and is missing her ring finger from her left hand. However, while in an interview with IGN, developers hinted that Clem’s state would be determined by how the previous games were played. Knowing my luck she’ll be lucky to have limbs.

Clementine is then joined by newcomer Javier who is confirmed to be a playable character and critical to the story. I imagine, the pair will start out with a buddy cop dynamic but the player can influence their actions to tailor a friendship, loving relationship or even hatred between the two. Interestingly Javier is also marked with the peculiar brand, this time on his neck. Javier was probably captured at some point by whomever they are tracking down in the trailer.

The scene then cuts to black and we can hear Javier whisper rather emotionally: ‘Just hold on’, is he talking to Clem? Giving himself a pep talk while he was imprisoned? My guess is that this could be name of the first episode as it fits the three word title tradition Robert Kirkman tends to gravitate towards.  If this is correct, we can expect to see Javier and Clementine in some sort of rave and unfortunate experience. Then again, we can probably expect that for the entire game.

I am extremely excited for this game, I absolutely adored the first two and cannot wait to see how Telltale expand from here.




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