Trailer Talk: South Park: The Fracture But Whole

South Park: The Stick of Truth is fantastic. The game is brilliant, an addicting and hysterical story with witty and terrific writing. My only real complaints were replayability and while that is not addressed in any of the trailers; the new game looks even better.

Several snippets have been released, along side the main trailer which details the motives of the characters this time round. They want to make a billion dollars making superhero movies like Marvel and argue over what makes a good superhero film and in what order their specific films and other properties, such as Mysterio’s Netflix series, should go in. This causes a rift among the group and leads to a seeming Civil War between teams headed by Cartman and Kyle against Stan and Kenny. A twist on the regular dynamic among the boys as Cartman and Kenny are typically paired and so are Stan and Kyle.

The writing seems as great as it was last time, joking about the construction of the MCU and DCEU, highlighting inherent racism and sexism in the entertainment industry. It would appear that we are definitely in for a game at least as funny as last time and maybe even more current as the Superhero genre has achieved cult status in mainstream pop culture.

As well as the story, the gameplay has been upgraded and tweaked. This is probably in response to general criticisms over the simplicity of the RPG elements and turn based combat of the first game. In the new game, players aren’t restricted to a single space and have access to an array of positions in the form of tiles, to get up close to enemies or pick them off from afar. This should add a new level of complexity to the gameplay, which should be welcome.

The first South Park game appeared to be lightning in a bottle, but the new instalment looks like it’s primed and ready to recreate the magic and wit of the first, while responding to the criticisms of its predecessor.

Hopefully, lightning strikes twice.



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