Alice through the Looking Glass Review: Time for Wonder

Alice through the Looking Glass is the sequel to the immensely successful Alice in Wonderland, both based upon Grim faery tales of the same names and both are quite good.

The basic premise for the sequel is that, Alice and her mother are in financial peril and need to sell her late father’s boat; ‘The Wonder’ which Alice can captain so well she can sail it sideways – literally and while this is happening, the Mad Hatter falls sick from grief and despair because he finds a clue that suggests his long thought dead family may not actually be dead, but no one will believe him. These two stories will inevitably intersect and help each other come to fruition. However, as this is all happening Time, the physical embodiment of time, played by Sacha Baron Cohan is struggling to keep his new girlfriend, the returning Queen of Hearts, Helena Bonham Carter from stealing his time travelling McGuffin.

One perilous escape after another results in Alice, once again in Wonderland able to travel back in time, to discover what happened to the Hatter’s, with Time hot on her tail.

The story is interesting and the performances are good, yet niche, the colourful characters will undoubtedly not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the performances behind most of them are quite good and charismatic.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable, bright, colourful and as audacious as ever. It misses some opportunities to get quite as dark as its source material but does feature some interesting new layers for returning characters that reveal some moral grey to the previous clean cut black and white, or should I say red and white? And some strong, interesting new characters to boot. A must see for fans of the original and definitely worth a watch for those interested in interesting CGI and practical effects, or the weird world of Wonderland.




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