Trailer Talk: Days Gone – Fun yet Freaky

The Last of Us x Sons of Anarchy + an open world map.

Yes please!

Days Gone is a ‘Not a Zombie game’ game. This time around they’re called: ‘Freakers’ and a viral infection has caused them to mutate and become more savage and animalistic. Which is a pretty interesting twist on the general premise of zombies.

The game features Deacon a road captain for a biker gang that presumably lost his wife or girlfriend at some point during the apocalypse and is now instead of rebuilding is striking it out on his own as a mercenary, trying to cope with loss in a new world where most people don’t want to pick your brain, they want to eat it.

In the cinematic trailer Deacon is shown conversing with and then having to execute a man, which is either a bounty or maybe a former friend as the man calls Deacon a liar. Deacon will travel along what remains of the state of Oregon – thankfully a region that games haven’t explored that much – following leads on bounties and generally just trying to survive; which might be harder than initially thought as the gameplay trailer shows Deacon having to duck and weave, clamber over rooftops and mangled building interiors to escape a ravenous horde of Freakers.

The Freakers are shown to act as a whole and burst through the scenery like an explosion, players will have to keep their wits about them for what looks like a great new survival game from E3.

Ps. Bend Studios’ probably saw all that Daryl Dixon fan art floating around the internet and have capitalised on the biker vs ‘Not zombies but zombies’ concept.


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