Trailer Talk: Pokémon rocks at e3

Nintendo Treehouse had a lot to say at e3 2016, specifically the Pokémon company had a lot to say. Not one or two, but three new Pokémon were revealed to us as well as a new battle type. In addition to this massive pile of news; two more pokemon were revealed by Coro Coro magazine.

First, the Pokémon, the new additions are: Iwanko the pebble puppy Pokémon and Nekkoala, the kipping koala Pokémon from Coro Coro and from e3 E3 we have: Pipipek the petite woodpecker, Yungoos, the mongoose who promises to make Alola great again and Grubbin the electric loving grub.

The sleepy Koala Pokémon: ‘Nekkoala’ (Only Japanese names have been revealed), is a Normal type with the ability: ‘Definite sleep’ which means Nekkoala is immune to all status effects excluding sleep. The Pokémon is shown to have droopy eyes and hugging a log like a pillow.

The other Pokémon revealed via Coro Coro is little puppy Pokémon that is a pure rock type, its Japanese name is: ‘Iwanko’ and it has the abilities: Keen Eye and Vital Spirit. This puppy’s fur and ears are detailed with tiny pebbles and stones, with a central pendant like one on its little main.

We can assume that these are going to be the Route One equivalents for this region and that they’ll join the ranks of Rattatta and Bidoof from Kanto and Sinnoh respectively.

I hypothesise that Nekkoala could become a normal/fighting type, using its pillow as a weapon later on perhaps and that Iwanko may gain a Fairy typing as well as its Rock typing due to it maintaining a cutesy and fluffy appearance, despite being a rock type.

Pipipek’s revealed Pokédex entry states that it fires seeds from its beak to attack and sometimes these seeds plant themselces in trees. This could hint at a potential additional Grass typing further down the evolutionary tree. Maybe Pipipeks’ beak will come to resemble a tree or a spile, used for removing sap from trees or maybe even other Grass types, ala: Heracross and Bulbasaur.

Yungoos is a mongoose that is said to be always hungry. They each choose their own hunting grounds and traverse them daily, eating what they can before falling asleep wherever they may be. The Pokédex states that Yungoos are not native to Alola, but were imported to help deal with an exploding population of a ‘certain Pokémon’. This certain Pokémon was not confirmed however, we can make some educated guesses. Maybe it is a lizard Pokémon and we will see a similar rivalry to that of Zangoose and Seviper? Or maybe as mongooses dine on insects it could be Grubbin. Sidenote: many internet users have noticed a resemblance in hairstyles between, Yungoos, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. However comparing a politician to a Pokémon is down right cruel, Pokémon have feelings too!

Grubbin is the final Pokémon to be revealed and is a grub that adores electricity. This foreshadows a potential Electric typing down the line. Grubbin are known to infest powerplants and substations due to their love of electricity, so this could reinforce th theory that Yungoos were brought to control the Grubbin population as this could be potentially dangerous. As Grubbin evolves its little pincers could begin to resemble a plug or maybe lightning.

Finally at E3, Battle Royale was announced, a new battle type for Sun and Moon that involves four trainers with three Pokémon a piece duking it out. Once a trainer is unable to battle the match ends and the winner is determined by whoever knocked out the most Pokémon. This new type of battle sounds extremely fun and inspired, very different from what’s come before and is sure to add to the competitive side of Pokémon. Hopefully we will see a gym where we have to fight three trainers at the same time, or maybe a Gym Leader accepts three challengers at the same time, maybe you and your two rivals.

E3 and Coro Coro both gifted us with exciting information, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we get some more.



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