Trailer Talk: Storks – Coo, coo, cool

The second trailer for Storks, an upcoming animated family comedy, about a company of storks that have moved on from their roots of delivering babies to basically become the Aviary Amazon of this world, but when a baby is accidentally ordered, the heir to the company scrambles to make this final delivery.

It looks really funny.

This trailer focuses on the relationships between Junior, his dad and the orphan but also highlights the characterisation of other characters, specifically the robins, the wolves, the penguins and a human family.

The poor robins seem to be used as play things by Kelsey Grammar’s boss stork, probably as another ‘power move’ but the ways in which the poor things are used are visually funny and very creative.

The wolves are shown to be more like happy dogs who are easily distracted and content. Quickly adopting the kidnapped baby instead of eating it. because it reminds them of flowers.

In a surprising turn, the penguins are portrayed as bad guys, a subversion of their typical role in pop culture, but they’re shown to have some heart as they don’t want to disturb the sleeping baby, this leads to a laugh worthy fight scene where all participans are trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Finally a family is shown, waiting for their son to be delivered and the mum is shown trying to prove to her son that ‘mum’s are cool too’, whether this will be the arc for the family or if the son just tells each parent that the other is cooler depending on context is yet to be seen.

Storks’ looks like it should be a riot for all the family, both funny and inventive with modern jokes and creative gags taking the forefront, if the movie lives up to the trailer then hopefully if flies high.


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