Total Drama World Tour = The 2016 US Election Race

This will undoubtedly sound quite balmy, but hear me out. I’ve noticed a mirroring in events and character types between Total Drama World Tour, a Canadian cartoon that satirises and pays homage to reality TV and the 2016 US elections, which definitely plays out like a reality show.

I’ll introduce my theory and then work backwards from the seasons’ finale and the current stance of the election. The three finalists of TDWT are Heather, Alejandro and Cody. The three finalists of the US election are Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Heather and Hilary Clinton are both the only female finalist and have previously been seen as antagonistic by the public, playing a more of a villainous role in past appearances, Heather being the main antagonist of season 1 and Clinton having made homophobic twitter posts and more. However, in the current competition, they are seen as the lesser of two evils when compared to a new comer and villainous rival in the form of Alejandro and Trump.

Alejandro is obsessed with the money and the idea of winning, much like Trump. Both also take part in acts of defamation and heel tactics against the female character. Alejandro doctors a picture of Heather on live television and Trump released the personal number of Clinton on live television. In addition, the majority of the audience antagonises Alejandro and repeatedly call him: ‘evil’ and other slurs, much like the general public has done with Trump.

Thirdly, Cody is the typical ‘quirky good guy’ who is a bit obsessive with the affection of the punk girl Gwen, but is also dealing with a stalker all of his own: Sierra. Sierra represents Bernie Sander’s rabid youth fan base, as the politician had captured the attention of liberals and youth voters alike, he is the public’s fan favourite, but he still comes third. Cody’s affection for Gwen could represent Sanders’ repeated romanticisation of liberal and youth cultures, trying to become the people’s champion. This idea is reinforced as Heather repeatedly antagonises Gwen, much like how previously Clinton was out of favour with the youth demographic.

Furthermore, Heather always tries to recruit members for a rather one sided alliance, having recruited the likes of Lindsey and Beth in the past and in TDWT, she repeatedly goes out of her way to try and make people like her, hoping it would help her chances at victory. Clinton, tries to raise vocal celebrity support, one prominent figure is Chloe Grace Moretz, from the recently released Bad Neighbours 2. An image of Clinton and Moretz holding doughnuts circled the web and memes soon emerged, stating: ‘When a meme writes itself.’ – in reference that due to the proportions of the doughnuts it was too easy to make a joke of it. This could have been purposefully done, memes being extremely popular among internet culture and the PR saying that: ‘Bad news, is good news’ could allude to a purposeful attempt at spearheading a meme, hoping it would go viral and give Clinton and her rally some needed attention.

Trump is much more successful at this, saying or posting something increasingly obnoxious whenever the internet community stops talking about him, assuring him and his campaign is always front and centre. He is vulgar and antagonistic, but in the forefront, he is not necessarily popular among society, but he is known – much like Alejandro.

Now, this theory is a little wacky and mainly just a bit of fun than rather serious hypothesising, but there are some definite and concrete similarities. So, theoretically, as Heather won the season for TDWT, presumably her parallel, Clinton will eventually win the US elections, whether this actually comes to fruition is yet to be seen, maybe we could ask previous winner Owen/Obama to sit another term?



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