Trailer Talk: Pokémon Sun and Moon -Alola’s Ocha

Two new trailers for Pokémon: Sun and Moon have been released, one a full fledged Japanese trailer featuring seven whole new Pokémon and a second international trailer focusing on a sole one.

The first of all the new Pokémon is one of the heavily teased ‘Island Guardians’ – its name is: ‘Tapu Koko’ – one of the first, if I’m not mistaken Pokémon with a space in their name, probably to distinguish and separate it from non guardian Pokémon . I love the design, it seems to resemble a mosquito that has a Tiki come bird mask attatched to its hands to help disguise itself. It’s an Electric and Fairy type, a typing it shares with the adorable Dedenne. Maybe all the guardians will be variations of Fairy types? I wouldn’t mind as they seem to have gone and made a fairy type that isn’t just kind of cute, which adds a nice dollop of variety into the lineup.

Secondly, we have: ‘Charjabug’ – another Electric type, who is the evolution of Grubbin, it also maintains its previous Bug typing. I personally really love Grubbin’s design and think it’s a shame that Charjabug seems to lose a lot of Grubbin’s characteristics. Then again most second stage early Bug types tend to. However, I also really like Charjabug’s design, its like a little rectangular caterpillar come grub that resembles both a charger and a train.

But that’s not all! We then see Charjabug evolve, revealing the third evolution: ‘Vikavolt’ an electric dragonfly like Bug and Electric type. It’s sharp facial features resemble conductors and it looks like quite the tough bug. The design is fun and having an early Electric/Bug combo should prove useful to many trainers.

Next up, we have another first: ‘Drampa’ is a Normal/Dragon type and looks like an extremely mellow, old dragon. Very inspired, very interesting, presumably a standalone Pokémon  like Absol or other counterparts, it appears cloud like, as if Altaria’s granddad got a new haircut, another really interesting design.

Then we have the Pyschic/Water type fish: ‘Bruxish’ who resembles an extremely tropical fish, sporting Hawaiian like patterns all over its scaly body. Bruxish also has a plant like structure on its head that presumably acts as some kind of psychic beacon, or maybe just an accessory.

Another Fairy type is up next, in the form of: ‘Cutiefly’ a tiny yellow butterfly that is actually rather cute, essentially the new Flabébe, it’s extremely small but I imagine it packs a surprising punch. Cutiefly is a Fairy/Bug type and has some interesting evolution possibilities as it seems to start live as a butterfly instead of a caterpillar, maybe a ‘Brutiefly’ is in store?

‘Togedemaru’ is the name of this generations Pikachu equivalent and damn it is cute. They seem to have taken a different spin this time by giving it an Electric/Steel typing and basing it on a hedgehog, it can summon these little metal, spiky, lighting rod like quills when in battle and it is straight up adorable.

Finally, in a separate trailer, all for its self, we meet: ‘Salandit’ a cute little salamander that looks like it’s constantly snickering to itself. It’s a Poison/Fire type, which is vey interesting, little red details alluding to fire can see throughout it’s design and Salandit as a very special ability that allows it to poison any Pokémon, quake in fear Ground type users, Salandit may have just changed the game.

All of these Pokémon have exceptionally fun and interesting designs in my opinion, I can not wait to explore the Alola region and find, maybe even, catch ’em all for myself.

Ps. I am going to call my Salandit; ‘Snickers’.





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