Book Review: Mogworld

Mogworld is the first novel by Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, it is a high concept fantasy novel based around a newly risen undead thrall named Jim, who isn’t particularly happy about his resurrection and sets out on a quest for his one true calling: death.

Naturally, as the author is known for his outrageous humour, the book is extremely funny, poking fun at clichĂ© fantasy plot lines, video game culture and several British specific tropes, all of this culminates in the deconstruction of the hero’s journey and what it means to be a hero.

The book also has a lot to say about religion and if you’ve lived on planet Earth for a few years, you’ve encountered some variation of religion, as well as several opinions of it and several interpretations. Croshaw’s is certainly and interesting one and worth some attention, furthermore, it doesn’t feel like some tangential digression, Croshaw weaves in his points about religion, philosophy, politics and narrative into the story and it works, the commentary feels like a natural part of the story and that in itself is refreshing.

Another refreshing aspect is Jim’s perspective, someone who gets a second chance at life but with a catch, he really didn’t want one. Plus seeing him and his fellow undead react to the radically changed fantastical world is good fun.

I would definitely recommend Mogworld, an entertaining and extremely cynical look at many things from gods to games that makes nihilism fun.


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