Jessica Jones Season 1 Review

Jessica Jones is an extremely interesting and down right extraordinary character, just as much as one who must be handled delicately. As the survivor of many heinous crimes, not limited to kidnapping and sexual abuse, Jessica Jones is a person who must come back from the brink of darkness and believe in super heroes again, despite coming from such a dark and horrible world and while she may not be donning a sparkly costume any time soon, Jessica Jones has shown us that good can still thrive in dark situations and that people can come back from the darkness. Jessica Jones is a damn good show.

Naturally, it’s not without its flaws, the show is a bit of a slow boil, but looking back it benefits from it, by the time you meet David Tennant’s Purple Man you are invested in the characters he is set against and after seeing his history, you’re damn interested in him too.

The writing is sparkling, dealing with abuse of all kinds, physical, sexual and mental abuse due to parental figures, manipulation and drugs are all at the forefront and it makes for an engrossing watch. David Tennant flexes his acting muscles playing a man, who for reasons that are a bit too spoilery to explain can under the right conditions control peoples minds and uses this gift, not for good but for his own unethical purposes. The man is a monster, a person who has done horrid unforgiveable things. But once you find out his back story, it’s scary how rounded a character he feels.

There’s an episode later in the season where he seems to be willing to completely flip his morality for the sake of, air quotations ‘love’ and it is an extremely dark twist on a generic idea of a villain. Without doubt, the Purple Man is Marvel’s greatest villain since the Kingpin and proves that it’s Netflix universe is just as relevant, if not more in a lot of cases as it’s big screen counterpart.

Jessica herself is also of questionable moral standards, exercising her own brand of law and order where she begrudgingly sees fit, but from episode one there is clearly a hero buried in there, someone who sticks up for the little guy and wants to make the world a better, safer place.

Jessica Jones has possibly the most interesting twist on both a superhero and villain in current mainstream media and I personally cannot wait to see where the showrunners take the series for season two. Jessica Jones is a must see.



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