The Wolf Among Us Review

The Wolf Among Us is a videogame adaption of the Fables comic book series by Telltale and feature their iconic take on the point and click adventure style. Both Fables and The Wolf Among Us feature a revolving cast of faery tale and folk lore characters who after an apocalyptic event in their shared alternate universe have evacuated to the human modern day world and now must survive in the neon drenched, noir like streets and slums of human cities, these pockets of fairy tale societies are referred to as Fable Town.

The narrative plays out like a combination of a western and a noir detective tale, coupled with the intensely stylistic neon come noir aesthetic which I love makes The Wolf Among Us one of the most niche but instantly memorable games Telltale’s produced.

Bigby Wolf is the focus of the story and controlled by the player, he’s the sheriff of the town and that’s right he’s the Big Bad Wolf. After the evacuation to the human world, the Fable Town government as well as many illegal vendors provided paying citizens with ‘Glamour’ which via some form of dark magic allows fables to drastically alter their appearance, so fables who don’t look like humans are forced to periodically buy glamour to fit in within the human world. Including the Big Bad Wolf, now going by Bigby and rendered a pseudo werewolf due to the magical effects.

If a fable who doesn’t resemble a human gets caught not using glamour, they get sent to the ‘Farm’, which is hinted at being a paradise for the fables but also, grimly alluded to being something else entirely.

The pacing and structure of the five episode narrative is probably the weakest part of the game as the story, characters, locales and ideas present are all great, it all just feels a bit rushed sometimes and the episodes drastically differ in size which isn’t a problem, just a tad jarring.

Overall, The Wolf Among Us is a delight to play, it’s world is extremely well built, so much so, I plan to pick up the comics. I’d recommend The Wolf Among Us if you’re a fan of Telltale’s previous work or the noir detective and fantasy genres in general. A great game I hope to see a sequel for.


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