Daredevil Season 2 Review

Holy hell this was good. Messy, but good.

Season 2 of Daredevil literally opened with a bang and gained an amazing momentum that only dipped upon occasion. This season was much less of a slow boil compared to Season 1, dropping us straight into the pool of action and Easter eggs and it is visceral.

One thing Daredevil oozes is style, style and seemingly effortless character. At no point did I question the ascension from stopping a mobster illegally appropriating property to fighting a cult of immortal ninja child slaves. I mean, it sounds like a hell of a shark jump. But this series is captivating and remarkably grounded even when dealing with the mystical and supernatural.

Also, Jon Bernthal as The Punisher is remarkable, a magnificent turn that really fleshes out Frank Castle and his varying dynamics with the rest of the cast throughout the ‘People vs Frank Castle’ story arc is intense and a glimpse at an even darker corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are a couple of minor problems, the structure still isn’t always optimum, however it is an improvement over last season, plus the cliff hangers are nearly always tantalisingly great. Furthermore, the ‘Black Sky’ storyline, at least in my opinion, is the weakest part of the show, which unfortunately becomes its crux later on, I feel like a continued focus on Murdoch’s relations to new and old characters and their conflicting moralities could have been better.


My thinking is that The Hand could have disappeared after whupping Murdoch’s ass in the hospital battle and that could have set up a season three return nicely, this would have left the end of the season to focus on the ascension of the Kingpin and maybe dualistic redemption arcs for Punisher, Elektra and Daredevil that could end with the three characters exploring new sides to their personas and moral compasses. But that’s just me.


I don’t want to give story spoilers but I’m fairly confident, if you enjoyed season one, you are in for a treat with season 2. The Marvel/Netflix coalition have upped their game each time with these joint ventures, I am ecstatic for Luke Cage and am deeply saddened that I have to wait until 2018 for more Daredevil, but hopefully the Defenders will quench my gritty superhero thirst.

This is a great show that has seemingly paved the way for an even greater Season 3, if only the wait wasn’t also great.

Ps. The lighting is oh so much better, a fantastic improvement that sincerely elevates the quality of the show.


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