Live Action Deathstroke Reveal

Approximately one hour ago, Ben Affleck, Aka: Batman released a short video on his twitter. What was this video of?

Slade Wilson – Deathstroke the Terminator.

The Aussie Assassin himself, flesh. This tease is the first big screen live action depiction of Deathstroke and it looks stunning. The costume looks like it’s been ripped out of the Arkham videogames and then made to look even cooler, sleeker yet more armoured. Deathstroke’s iconographic orange highlighting the armour in all the right places. I haven’t been completely sold on any of the DCEU’s costumes so far, but this one looks brilliant. I just hope the final footage doesn’t deviate too far.

Wilson was rumoured to appear in Suicide Squad, however that never came to pass, this is Affleck theoretically confirming Deathstroke will appear in either the upcoming Justice League or Batman film, or both – hopefully both.

It is pretty common knowledge now, due to the success of Deadpool, that Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson are very much the Yin and Yang of the same character. Deadpool heavily satirising the typical macho, unbeatable assassin archetype and Deathstroke embracing it. Deadpool even began life as a spoof of Deathstroke, so it is rather fitting that the reveal of our Deathstroke comes in the form of test footage placed online, much how we first met Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and it’s even more so, considering the fact, Ben Affleck who was rumoured to play Deathstroke way back when is the one to showcase it.

Both Joe Manganellio and Scott Eastwood have been rumoured to play him in the past. While there is no confirmation, Manganellio is a more likely candidate as Eastwood already appeared in Suicide  Squad as the head of the military back up – while this could be a cover, it still more than likely takes him out of the running.

Deathstroke was the highlight of both Season one and two of Arrow and the show never recovered from his absence in later seasons. Here’s to hoping this Deathstroke is just as, if not, even more badass than his silver screen counterpart.

The Footage can be found here:

Ps. I really hope Ryan Reynolds talks about this on Twitter because of how the two characters are so culturally linked.



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