Thor During Civil War Review

Does this count as a trailer? As promotion for the Captain America Civil War DVD release and the currently in production: Thor: Ragnorok, Marvel released a mockumentary short that was originally showcased during comic con regarding where Thor was during Civil War.

It’s bloody brilliant.

The footage details Thor’s move to Australia to catch up with himself. He rents a flat with Daryl, his new buddy and has set up a little bed for Mjolnr. It also shows him comically trying to piece together the puzzle of the Infinity Stones. This is a very short must watch that gets me very excited for what director: Taika Waititi will bring to the franchise. It also makes me sincerely hope for a segment, even if it’s brief – I imagine it would have to be as the majority of the film is to take place in space – in which Thor is taking part in a documentary.

The ‘trailer’ can be found here:

Ps. This really makes me hanker for a cinematic version of the comic: Marvels, it would be a good way to close the MCU, or act as a good buffer between the handing over of the reigns from the old to the new characters.


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