Nocturnal Animals Review

Nocturnal Animals is the second film by renound auter Tom Ford, previously of Gucci and with a previous film under his belt: A Single Man.

Nocturnal Animals is based on the critically acclaimed book by Austin Wright: Tony and Susan. 

It features Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenahall, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Michael Shannon and more and focuses on the deteriorating world of Adams’s character.

This movie is damn good. 

It’s a thriller, you can tell it’s a good thriller by the cinema audiences reactions. Gafaws and shocked gasps filled the screening. As well as the ocassional scream. 

This movie is incredibly deep. 

Layers and layers of metaphors hidden in increasing degrees of subtext, it adds a quiet momentum to this film that really works in its favour. 

The main cast all bring their a game and nail powerhouse emotional performances. 

I don’t want to spoil the plot, so I’ll keepnit brief; Amy Adams’s Susan Morrow – one degree of separation for sorrow accurately enough – is extremely unhappy with the direction of her life, even though on the surface she has everything. 

Then she receives the proof transcript of her ex husband from nineteen years ago whom she abandoned. He dedicates the work to her and the thrills ensue. 

It might not sound like the most thrilling plot on the surface, but the movie seems to know this, it’s all about the superficial versus the real and its embrace of this theme coupled with the gorgeous and extremely stylish cinematography, lighting and mise en scene makes it a standout must see this year. 

Ps. A man behind me in the cinema was crying heavily – the tragedy is you don’t know whether he relates to gyllenhall’s or Adams’s character.


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