Trailer Talk: Spiderman: Homecoming





Excuse the pun, I should have said amazing or spectacular in hindsight.

I grew up, like a lot of people, reading Spiderman comics, watching Spiderman shows and movies, playing Spiderman games. It’s safe to say a large chunk of the world’s cultures have at least heard of the famous wall crawler and nearly all has been positive, despite Jameson’s best efforts.

Most people who know of Spiderman, like or love Spiderman. He’s transcended at this point, he’s one of the quintessential pop culture icons, Marvel’s Batman.

However, although most love Spiderman, most would also agree we don’t get to experience a consistent Spiderman very often. Sam Raimi’s vision was extremely well realised and Marc Webb’s reboot did not deserve the negative press it received.

But I feel like this is the first time I’m seeing Spiderman.

Spoiler alert: He looks great.

The cinematography is gorgeous, it clearly serves the humour and action well. Speaking of, the humour seems to be classic comic book Spiderman, a geeky kid who exudes a nervous and genuinely funny confidence when playing hero.

Michael Keaton wasn’t seen much, but what’s teased looks brilliant. The Vulture costume looks gothic and creepy. The character seems to be a criminal adapting to the world of superheroes which is an arc that has provided stupendous results in the past.

I genuinely can’t imagine anyone other than Tom Holland playing Spiderman now. He really has ruined it for whoever’s next. He delivers every line so well and his body language just screams Spiderman.

Also, the webs as a wingsuit is an awesome idea that should add verticality to the Vulture fight, which is saying something, as this is Spiderman and verticality is very much his thing.

This trailer makes this film look amazing, part of the joy stems from the fact we’re seeing a Spiderman enjoy being Spiderman and of course the holistic nature with he MCU promises so much to come.

If you were worried about this Spiderman reboot, I’d be shocked if you still are.

This really is his homecoming.

Ps. Peter’s friend dropping his Lego me laugh more than I should.


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