A Beautiful Mind Review

A Beautiful Mind, directed by Ron Howard and starring Russell Crowe as the real life acclaimed mathematician John Nash chronicles Nash’s arduous battle with schizophrenia and I’d say this film is quite possibly the scariest film not to be billed as a horror I have ever seen.

The plot details Nash’s rise to fame among the world of mathematics and how he met his wife Alicia, played by Jennifer Connelly. Hints at something being wrong are thrown in early on, with Nash’s asocial tendencies being thrown to the forefront but serious problems emerge later on as Nash’s work obligations escalate.

It truly is a beautiful story, the struggle of Nash, his wife and their friends is tangible. The horror of the situation and the condition is fully present and it can make for a harrowingly emotional watch, but the offbeat jokes made by Nash and co. give an undeniable air of humanity to the proceedings.

Crowe gives my favourite of his performances that I’ve seen, channelling the pain and fear of  a man regarded as a genius who desperately wants to save the world who is forced to doubt it. Connelly is a powerhouse to, her performance highlights the commitment and realistic struggle one must face when caring for someone with such a condition.

The movie is marvellous, definitely give it a watch.


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