The Drop Review

The Drop is a Crime Drama directed by Michaël R. Roskam and starring Tom Hardy and it’s quite a lot of fun.

Hardy plays Bob, a barkeep at his Cousin Marv’s bar, aptly named: Cousin Marv’s. Cousin Marv’s is a drop bar and when someone steals from it, they steal the money of a local gangster, coupled with Bob saving the abused dog of a mysterious former owner, he is soon embroiled with a nefarious network of crime.

Hardy gives a certain charm to the kind hearted, morally grey Bob, a barman who’s often the smartest in the room, letting others thing otherwise to keep it that way. Bob is an extremely subtle character, something that Hardy takes in his stride.

The pacing, editing and cinematography call back to traditional British crime films and the wintery setting adds a pretty sheen to the visuals. Furthermore the plot is intriguing and the slow boil reveals, while not always the best kept secrets are fulfilling to watch come to fruition.

If you’re hankering for a modern take on a good old fashioned crime film, you could do much worse than The Drop, I would definitely recommend it.


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