This is a very artsy film for lack of better words, a film not afraid to hold back in a lot of ways and also not afraid to be unrestrained in other areas, so that on the face of it is admirable.

Under the Skin is directed by Johnathan Glazer and features Scarlett Johansson as an alien entity seemingly harvesting skin in Scotland.

The movie is very eerie, very creepy and says a lot without much dialogue, it could be best described as experimental and uncompromising,  there’s a lot of shocking imagery and Johansson really embodies this entity that’s trying to understand humanity, who is strangely innocent despite committing numerous crimes.

It is a stunning movie, full whites and blacks are used effectively and smoky, hazy cinematics are incorporated well.

To say much more about the film would spoil, I would definitely recommend Under the Skin, but not to everybody, as it’s not your typical run of the mill alien invasion movie.



The popping animation is one of the creepiest effects in modern cinema and I’m surprised it hasn’t been imitated more.